Data Platform

​​​Atlas specialises in database consulting and management to improve our client business operations.

We ensure databases are structured properly, securely and managed effectively, offering business analytic initiatives through our detailed understanding of data and systems. We integrate, consolidate, upgrade and optimiz​​​​e databases to speed up operations, reduce risk and increase efficiency.

With Microsoft SQL Server 2012, clients can benefit from ‘7 products in 1’  SQL licens​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​e: database management, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, scheduler, management tools and monitoring. Related SQL services include the following:

Architecture and Design

Artis Database Consultants get the foundation for your project right by applying well proven models, and by contributing our expertise and intellectual property. We work closely with your application and database teams to architect and design your database underpinnings so as to meet the needs of today and demonstrate the potential to scale and grow as your business evolves.

Performance tuning and optimiz​ation

Our Consultants are expert at optimiz​​​​​ing the performance of your database environment. Where there are issues with exceeding batch windows, user application performance satisfaction or server resource usage, our expert DBAs will quickly deliver real world performance gains to reduce frustration and increase the utility of your existing investment.

Database consolidations (SQL & non-SQL)

Artis Consultants are expert in database consolidations and create cost and efficiency benefits by migrating multiple workgroup databases into a single enterprise class platform. Our methods and tools are focu​sed on protecting your data whilst eliminating the potential for system down-time.

Implementations, migrations and version upgrades

When business objectives require change, Artis will reduce the risks associated with system changes. Our established methodologies support integration of workgroup servers into an enterprise environment, migration of data from one server to another (regardless of database vendor) and upgrades to the latest versions of SQL Server.

Security audits and management services

Artis security Consultants help protect your sensitive and valuable data from prying eyes. Our understanding of layered security models brings together infrastructure, applications and database experts through our template driven approach so as to rapidly identify and correct potential security exposures.

Archiving strategy​

A key element of a healthy and efficient database, from an infrastructure, usability and performance p​erspective, is the implementation of an effective archiving strategy. Our Consultants will recommend the correct tools and approach to meet your business and legislative requirements for the retention and protection of data.​​