Cross Browser Testing

In today’s world the Internet plays a crucial role in a man’s life. The omnipresence of web applications in the functioning of all business domains has made it imperative to ensure compatibility across various browsers. The testing of web applications on diverse browsers is vital to ensure desired look, feel and business functionality.

As a tester we have to test and ensure the validation and compatibility of web and mobile applications in such a manner as to enable their functioning as per intent of the application. Poor browser compatibility can affect the brand and the business reputation. The advent of Web Responsive Sites and applications has furthered the testers’ responsibility in ensuring that these applications are tested in different devices and is served by all digital media devices available in market.

The easy availability of numerous open source tools in the technical arcade has also created a need for the tester to avail the tools available in popular browsers such as IE, Chrome and Firefox whose features are built keeping cross browser and compatibility testing in mind.

Apart from browsers, there are open source online tools available, which the testers can use to guarantee the applications’ optimum performance along with best fit testing strategy to cover all the browsers and their versions. Applications that are built and tested by Atlas will surely make its mark in the market.​​​