Application Development

​​​Atlas Software Technologies has been involved in the creation of customized software for numerous clients for many years. Backed by a team of expert software programmers with years of experience building business applications, we can develop the most advanced systems that incorporate vast amounts of data and communications. We especially pride ourselves on our web application development services. We can provide you with unique web applications that will allow you to implement even the most complex of business strategies with ease

How can you benefit from web application development services?

The uniqueness of a web application is that it can be accessed through the Web or through an Intranet network. This allows you to maintain and update the application from a central source, instead of having to install the software or upgrading it from thousands of user computers. This can reduce your support costs and also increase productivity.

Thus, the benefits of web application development cannot be denied. In fact, with offshore outsourcing becoming the norm in almost every industry today, businesses are constantly on the lookout for web-based applications that will enable them to do global business in a secure and convenient manner.

However, it is important to ensure that your web applications can support all your business plans and are geared towards your specific requirements. The best way to ensure this is by hiring Atlas Software Technologies web application development team that can provide you with professionally created software at extremely cost effective rates.

Here’s a look at our unique process of web application development:

1. Understanding client requirements: The project needs are discussed with the client, after which the goals that have to be met through the web application are established. Any limitations that may be present are also addressed so that there is a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished.

2. Planning and developing the application: How the software will be developed so as to achieve all the vital goals is determined. The best scripting language for the project, which operating system to work with, web applications servers and which databases to use are all ascertained. The programmers at Atlas are equipped with the following skill sets:

# Scripting languages: PHP, Flash, DCOM, Java, SQL, ASP, C, MFC, VC++, ColdFusion, COM, ISAPI, EJB, Java Servlet, Java Script, Java Applets, DLL Development, HTML, .NET, HTML CSS, VB, cHTML, VBScript, iMode.
# Web application servers: Microsoft IIS, Apache web server, ColdFusion server, TomCat, Allaire, JRUN, Jserve etc.
# Operating systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Linux, NT, Sun Solaris.
# Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Postgre, MYSQL.

Of all the various scripting languages mentioned above, PHP is one that is most widely and commonly used, as it is one of the most effective server side scripting languages. Our PHP web development team can provide you with a professional and easy to use PHP application too.

After the plan has been devised, the web application development phase begins. Our programmers establish the coding that will be used for the entire project and complete the software as per the specifications. After being reviewed by top management, the application may be approved if it meets all the client requirements.

3. Testing the application: This is the final stage in the process of web application development. Bugs in the program (if any) are sorted out and all problems that may hinder the successful use of the application are dealt with. An appropriate support system is created and the application is ready to go live.

As you can see, web application development is the way of the future. Do consider Atlas Software Technologies for all of your web development needs.

Women for Women International
Industry : NGO​
"Before appearing on the primetime national show, I called Atlas. Knowing the potential outreach of the show, I wanted to ensure our website would be able to handle the traffic. Thanks to the quick response time from the Atlas team, we were able to seamlessly add over 8,000 names to our database and our website never missed a beat."​​

Zainab Salbi
President & CEO