We can provide training in the following technologies and methodologies


Our corporate training program provides students with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive in a corporate environment. Through our 3 step training program, students come out with the confidence they need to make educated decisions in day to day technology and methodology use. Our students develop the business and technology intuition that is necessary for success in a fast pace corporate environment

We can provide training in the following technologies and methodologies:-
1- Business Continuity: It’s more than network failover​​
2-Agile: Intro to Agile Team Development
3-Microsoft SharePoint Administration
4-Microsoft SharePoint Development
5-Adobe Dreamweaver
9-Drupal, WordPress​


Our veterans training program is focused on combining the focused discipline of America’s top service men and women with technology and business training to produce a technology professional that understands risk, mission focus, and ensures success.
After completion of our training program, we deploy our teams to offshore locations to manage CONUS and OCONUS projects. Immersing our teams in the offshore culture enables them to have a unique understanding of process challenges, and potential project risk.
Due to our teams inherent focus on mission success we utilize and recommend our trained veterans for many of our offshore staffing projects, and onshore projects that require offshore management.​​​​